Join us for an exciting Hackathon presented by EducateHacks! 

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We are encouraging all teams to attend this live pitching session to get the most out of the hackathon experience! - Details on this LIVE session will be posted to our discord, as well as sent to all participants at a later date, closer to the event. 

Guest Speakers: 

  • Vinay Hiremath - The founder of Loom, a 1.5 billion dollar video sharing company employing hundreds of people which has raised nearly 200 million dollar, there will be allotted time to ask questions. More information will be communicated to participants closer to the event!
  • Chris Murphy -US senator representing the state of Connecticut, previously a member of the Connecticut state senate as well as US house of representatives. He will be leaving us a message on social media and its effects on teenagers, and how to build mental health focused products
  • More speakers TBA

Guest Judges:

  • Michael Staton -  Co-Founder and CEO at CoLearn, a learning startup which has raised 3.3 million dollars. In addition, he is also a Venture Capitalist, and has made investments in famous companies like Photomath.
  • More judges TBA

Hackers of all skill levels/ages (13+) are welcome to join. 

You may code in any language you want! Both web apps, mobile apps, prototypes/designs/complete projects are accepted! 

We would love to see what wonderful ideas students come up with!

Please view our information packet for requirements!

Project Gallery will be availible after the deadline has passed.


Restrictions apply to participants outside the United States

Access the information packet (click here)

Access the event schedule (click here)

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Email: for questions, comments, feedback and help


Please view the Hackathon information packet using the link below, the packet includes detailed instruction on the expectations for this program.
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Access the information packet (click here)
Previously Created Projects/designs ARE accepted, as long as you can provide proof of creation. 
General topic/project guide information:
This year, our focus is on creativity, productivity, and effectiveness. However, hackers are free to build all types of ideas, as this is an extremely open-ended event. 

Build and submit your prototype/solution on Devpost 

When submitting your project to devpost, please include the following:

  1. Any files you would like to upload including valuable information about your project

  2. Any links/urls you would like to include (working demo, video, github page, figma share) 

  3. Contact email address you check regularly

  4. Country location (This will help us determine eligibility for shipping prizes)

  5. Please also include a description of your project & the issue(s) it helps solve.

Essentially, include anything else in the project description you would like the judges to see


You need to show proof of a solution or a prototype for this hackathon. The prototype can be anything you want it to be, as long as it succeeds in showing what your product goal is (e.g. design, clickable prototype, mobile app, web app, video of an app on a simulator, mockup..)

To show proof of your prototype, you must upload it on Devpost to the submission form. 

Please also add proof of coding/programming (if applicable)

You may use any programming language, framework, library you want! - whatever tools you feel comfortable with.


Project Pitching Options:

We offer 2 different pitching options for project submissions. Choose whatever is best for your team.


Option 1 -  (Recommended) LIVE Pitching session in front of the judging panel 

  • Zoom conference details for the live pitching session will be posted to the devpost page, our website & communicated to participants via email prior to the event start date. 

The LIVE pitching session requires at least one of your team members to speak about your product in front of the judging panel/other hackers.This is definitely a better pitching option if you are looking to get your judges attention and receive proper comments. Here are a few suggestions and recommendations on what your pitch could include:

1.      Slideshow with information about your project to screen share during your pitch.

2.      Prototype or a figma design of your project. 

3.      Live working demonstration of your program running. (you can use emulator/simulator)



Option 2 - Submit a 2-3-min pitch video explaining your solution on DevPost. 

  • Video will be reviewed by our judges after all live pitching has concluded.

The video submission requires you to have at least one of your team members speak about your product. That means that your video presentation needs to have a voice over. You are welcome to show your faces, but it is not required. You need to submit the video presentation through DevPost. The format of your video is for you to decide. Here are some suggestions: 

1.      Screen Recording of your program with voiceover 

2.      PowerPoint with voice over 

3.      Video of your program running on an emulator/simulator with voice over

Hackathon Sponsors


$6,210 in prizes

First Place Project - Prize

-$300 Cash Prize
-Free .xyz domains for all teammates for 1 year

Exact prize value TBD - more prizes will be announced soon!

Second Place Project - Prize

-$200 Cash Prize
-Free .xyz domains for all teammates for 1 year

Exact prize value TBD - more prizes will be announced soon!

Third Place Project - Prize

-$100 Cash Prize
-Free .xyz domains for all teammates for 1 year

Exact prize value TBD - more prizes will be announced soon!

Fourth Place Project - Prize

-Free .xyz domains for all teammates for 1 year

Exact prize value TBD - more prizes will be announced soon!

Fifth Place Project - Prize

-Free .xyz domains for all teammates for 1 year

Exact prize value TBD - more prizes will be announced soon!

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Amogh Ganjikunta

Judging Criteria

  • Project Originality
  • Creativeness
  • Submission Completion
    Automatically receive points for successful & complete submissions
  • Effectiveness
    Did the project solve the problem effectively?
  • Written Response/Pitch
    Explanation of your program - no general requirements. Put what you think is necessary in the submission box for this section.
  • Pitch Strength
  • Extra Points

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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