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6 months ago

API 101: Postman Virtual Workshop

Dear EducateHacks Participants,

Join us tomorrow at 10:00 AM EST for our first presentation for this year's EducateHacks. This presentation will be held on zoom. 

Event details: 

EducateHacks, in partnership with postman, presents a virtual API 101 workshop, brought to you by Ruby Sattar*

The workshop includes a background on the fundamentals of APIs with a look at the jobs of clients and servers + the request-response pattern. There is also a live demo of an API in action with a breakdown into its performance. There will also be time for Q&A with the presenter at the end!

The agenda is as follows:

Background on API Education & Postman Student Programs

What is an API

See an API in action

Building an understanding through an analogy

APIs behind the scenes

Clients and Servers & the request-response pattern

Anatomies of Requests & Responses

Trying Things Out (follow-along to CRUD on an API together)

Follow-up Resources & Q+A

*Ruby is a Senior Developer Advocate at Postman who puts on livestreams, events, and workshops to spread API knowledge and literacy. She transitioned into a technical career from elementary school teaching and organizes gatherings for her local community of developers through Rhode Island Codes. She'll be joining us to help folks get comfortable with API fundamentals so that they can get developing and collaborating on software projects right away.

Please use the following link to join:

No RSVP is required. 


Hope to see many of you there!

-Keevan Leech, EducateHacks Organizer