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6 months ago

Opening Ceremony - Mandatory Attendance

Dear EducateHacks Participants,

The opening ceremony for EducateHacks 2023 will begin in about 2 hours (6:45 PM EST)
(Click the following link for a countdown in your own time:

We are so excited to kick off this year's hackathon! 

This opening ceremony is mandatory, as we will go over all rules and answer any questions you may have. It is extremely advisable to attend, however, if you cannot due to a conflict, there will be no penalty in any way. 

Please use the following link to join:

The contents of the opening ceremony will be posted to Our YouTube Channel following the conclusion of this event. 

Join our official discord server for this hackathon, where we will communicate important information, provide continuous support, and push the most accurate updates: 

All the best,

-Keevan Leech, EducateHacks Organizer